Brand Description

The National Justice Coalition brand has been developed using contemporary symbolism of our ancient culture. Through the use of symbols embedded into the brand there are three key elements to the logo design.

The first iconic image is the outer circle which is symbolic of rejuvenation, in particularly this circle represents healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and is a key structure in our gathering ceremonies. Cermonies which bring people together ‘Unity as One’. 

The profile faces at both sides of the circle are no obvious at first but are the of our people and once final concept is done these will be both and old face and young face looking into the circle.

Within the inner circle is a stylised version of a bullroarer an ancient instrument and a device used for communicating over greatly extended distances. The bullboarer was was often used as a calling tool for gatherings and inparticular in the case of the logo was often used to ward off evil spirits.

All of these elements combine to make the National Justice Coalition brand a unique and contemporary brand that goes beyond just dot and circle and gives mean to the ‘Change The Record’ statement. The elements used are about change and rejuvenation and unity and the coming together of people to improve the record.


These design are working designs with attached draft samples of collateral, please provide any comments or feedback on the designs below. All comments are anonymous and help us improve our client concept designs.